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Best Ever Fruity Flapjack


Packed full of taste! brimming with Oats, Syrup and Fruit to give it a beautiful texture and a great overall Flapjack taste!

This is a perfect party nibble! We give serving suggestions based on good chunk of deliciousness, however, it is also a great idea to cut into smaller, bite sized chunks as small favours, or petit fours for afters! The amount of creamy chocolate involved in making this tray bake is barely legal* but trust us, it will go down as nothing but a real hit with your guests! We have provided these as party cakes, for afters, as favours, for petit fours, as a dessert, as a gift, mothers day, dads day. You name it we have been producing these for every occasion!


Butter, oats, chocolate, syrup, fruit,


Just cut into desired size and serve as is, garnish with a little fruit for colour if preferred.