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Montgomerys first month in business

Hello all!

Thank you for choosing to visit our site, we hope you find it as delightful to the senses as we do!

This is our first month running as Montgomery’s Dinner Delivery Service and are so happy to be able to report that its been a great start to the first few weeks. We have set up some amazing relationships with other businesses, sent out plenty of orders around the UK and gathered some amazing feedback from our customers! Its all going very well and the Monty Team are all enjoying their work.

Montgomery himself (our Golden Lab) has had a fab few weeks trailing some tasty dinners and is very excited at the thought of trying more! Especially the NEW Christmas menu! Christmas….too early? we think not!

You can now book in your tasty Christmas treats online, even pre order them for a future date, we know how important it is to have a stock of tasty, home made goodies in the Fridge/Freezer in case you’re caught of guard by friends or have a planned in party with lots of hungry guests. These Christmas party dishes we have been working on are absolutely fabulous, so delicious and the Lake District produce we are using is as you can imagine – a real delight to the senses!


Have a look and let us take on the heat of the Kitchen for you!