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Looking for Tasters

So far this week we have been on the lookout for tasters across the UK to try out our dinners and review them – A food Blogger we call them these days.

We have been in touch with some great candidates who are happy to Blog / Vlog and talk about our dinners from an honest perspective which is exactly what we want!

Customer feedback has all been great up to now and we have really enjoyed hearing all about the great experiences our lovely customers have been having with our dinners and gourmet food deliveries.

I think the fact this fresh food is delivered across the UK is a great UPS and we pride ourselves so much on using real Cumbrian / Lake District produce which basically means when  you google ‘Fresh Dinners delivered to me’ or ‘dinners delivered near me’ We will pop up there with our tasty treats ready to impress your guests!


Hopefully once the Bloggers have tried our tasty dinners they will be providing some feedback for us to use in this blog and in our news 🙂


Watch this space


Monty Team x