Happiness is delivered by Montgomery's

A Slice of the Lakes

A slice of The Lake District directly to your door

There’s something about a fresh, home cooked meal that makes you feel all warm and loved. Nothing
beats a full belly after a busy day at work, relaxing on the sofa knowing you’ve eaten something that not
only tastes delicious but also has no nasty chemicals or preservatives in it.
Cooking up a fresh meal can take time and energy, both of which can be in short supply after an 8 hour
day in the office…but we all know that eating well is important.
Here at Montgomerys we make all our food from scratch so there’s never a chance any cr*ap can get in
there. Our Lake District chefs work hard to create dishes that knock your socks off, and instead of feeling
guilty after a traditional grotty takeaway you’ll feel full of great food that was good for you too.
So peruse our dishes, get some stuff in your basket and look forward to the end of a hard working day
knowing there’s a yummy home cooked meal waiting for you.